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The Peruvian Clinical Trial Registry – REPEC offers information on current clinical trials in Peru.
Through this page, you can obtain information and keep track of your proceedings in a direct and easy manner. You can see the status of your authorization and if there is any observation. Likewise, we have a warning system that will allow you to identify any critical event that needs immediate attention, such as expiring or expired authorizations .

From December 14, 2012:
The National Institute of Health through the General Office of Research and Technology Transfer, as regulatory authority for clinical trials in this country, in the process of improving Peruvian Clinical Trials Registry of National Institute of Health, has decided to integrate into the International Clinical Trials Registry Platform (ICTRP) WHO / PAHO.

In that context, new fields have been implemented in the Peruvian Clínical Trials Registry (REPEC ), which will achieve the objectives of our institution in terms of transparency and improved public trust of the investigation.

For more information about the new form you can contact the General Office of Technology Transfer at telephone 748-1111 (2144) or (2191), or email

Download the Instructions for filling the tab Data Recording Peruvian Clinical Trials – REPEC (Only Spanish version)

Note: The Peruvian Clínical Triasl, is a free information developed by National Institute of Health, nonprofit

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